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Music Evolution

With the dark ethereal nature of Fiona Apple and the vibrant passion of Florence & The Machine set in a smoky jazz club, Giselle’s “pop noir” is a sultry fever dream that we don’t want to wake from. Born in Miami, FL to Cuban immigrants, Giselle eventually left for New York City to pursue music. Inspired by her family’s taste in predominantly Latin music, jazz, and oldies, in addition to her own love of classical music and pop culture, Giselle began to build a successful music career of her own. Her classical training in opera was a path that led her to meet her now producer and guitarist, Adam Tilzer, and record songs for Emmy Award winning FX comedy series Louie in 2015.

Giselle, had a breakout year . . . on the latest season of [Louis C.K.] popular, Emmy-winning surreal comedy series “Louie.”
— New York Daily News
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Giselle’s ‘Hazy Eyes’ Speaks to the Struggle of Alzheimer’s
— Pancakes and Whiskey

Among these songs was the “Diarreah Song” which would quickly become a viral hit, garnering nearly half a million YouTube views and receiving national praise. Following her debut EP Change Me in March 2016, Giselle released her first full-length album Not Ready To Grow Up in November 2017, which marks a significant evolution for the singer and features her most honest and vulnerable music to date.

Giselle’s love of visual media is evident through her hands-on approach to the production of music videos, delightfully complementing the unique cinematic quality to her music. From ferocious belts to angelic melodies, Giselle’s dynamic vocal range and plethora of musical influences are here to prove that pop music is more than just a catchy hook.