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Music Evolution

Giselle was born in Miami, FL to Cuban immigrants. Her family’s taste in predominantly Latin music, jazz, & oldies, combined with her own love of classical music and pop culture inspired her music evolution.

Giselle, had a breakout year . . . on the latest season of [Louis C.K.] popular, Emmy-winning surreal comedy series “Louie.”
— New York Daily News
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Giselle’s ‘Hazy Eyes’ Speaks to the Struggle of Alzheimer’s
— Pancakes and Whiskey

Her vocal style evolved as she began charting new territories as a songwriter. After meeting producer and audio engineer Adam Tilzer during a recording session, Giselle began working on her debut EP, “Change Me.”

Tilzer is the engineer for the Emmy award winning FX comedy “Louie.” While recording the music for season 5, Adam overheard Louis C.K. ask for an opera singer. Giselle was called in and eventually asked to come back to sing and write an array of genres for season 5.

Giselle narrowed her focus to songwriting in order to bring her creative vision to life. “Change Me” combines her confidence and emotional intellect with her diverse abilities as a vocalist.